June 27th, 1989

June 27th, 1989
Flight from LHR – CDG – LHR
Excelsior Hotel, Heathrow

Another quick Paris there and back, then Stephen met me at the hotel and it was party time!

Carl turned up in good form, fresh from a trip romance (sounded familiar.) He was sporting a new leather jacket and much shorter hair that really suits him.

Drove to a trendy wine bar in Richmond, where we met Sam and the birthday girl, Lolly, who just turned twenty-one. A few of Lolly’s family and friends joined us and a good time was had by all.

Much later, Sam, Stephen and I drove into London and made a stop at Sam’s flat in Kensington. Wow, what a place. Security gates and underground parking, pure luxury. The flat’s interior was exquisite and Stephen commented “I’d be happy padding around this plush carpet in me slippers and dressing gown.”
Fortunately, I don’t think Sam heard and if he did, he didn’t respond.

From there we went to The Fridge in Brixton, where we met Xavier and more or less danced ’til the early hours. Sam drove Stephen and I back to the hotel and asked me if I initially thought he was a “nice straight boy.” I told him I don’t care if he’s gay or straight.

Xavier and I sat in the back seat and sang along to Erasure’s “A Little Respect,” which, in his French accent sounded really sweet.

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