July 6th, 1989

July 6th, 1989
Lexington Hotel, New York

The first thing that caught my eye this afternoon (when I finally woke up) was the light bouncing off the sequins on Frankie’s dress, strewn across her bed.

I peered out from under the duvet and saw Frankie balancing on the dresser.
“What are you doing?” I groaned.
“Ta-da,” she announced with her arms outstretched.
Behind her, on the wall, was a giant poster of Jason Donovan, wearing not a lot.
“Blu-tac,” she said. “Don’t leave home without it.”
“That’s American Express.”
She ignored me.

Got ready quickly and headed into the humid afternoon. One block away from the hotel I was already wilting but the buzzy feeling of the city took over and I soon forgot how much I dislike humidity.

Our first stop was in Bloomingdales, where we enjoyed the air conditioning and eyed up the outrageously expensive togs that got more expensive as the floors rose.

From there we popped in and out of various department stores and had the best time sitting outside a French inspired cafe, watching the world go by.

We came back to the hotel, intent on taking a nap but Frankie turned on the radio and we got carried away, dancing and singing along to “She Drives Me Crazy.”

Tonight,Frankie produced another sparkly creation and I felt entirely under dressed in my new skirt and top from Benetton.

We headed down to the lobby, where we’d agreed to meet Christopher and Robert but Frankie got antsy after only a few minutes of waiting so we went outside.

A limo pulled up at the entrance to the hotel and when it came to a stop, the drivers in the passing cars and taxi’s honked furiously. The driver stepped out of the limo and came walking towards us, smiling, clearly unfazed by the commotion he had just caused.

“Frankie and Karen?” he asked.
“Uh-huh,” Frankie responded as though we’d been expecting him.
“I’m here to collect you gals,” he said, opening the door.
I hesitated but Frankie was already stepping into the car.
“Mind your head, miss,” he drawled.

Frankie wasted no time popping open the chilled bottle of champagne and off we went to a restaurant called Alo Alo. The boys were already seated inside and when they saw us, they stood up and I noticed how smartly dressed they were.
“You look great,” Christopher said, kissing me on each cheek.
“Thank you. And so do you.”

Frankie and Robert scooted their chairs closer together and Christopher gave a little nod of his head towards Robert, that I interpreted as, “Here we go.”

During the meal, the chef came to the table to say hello (the boys are obviously regulars) and we enjoyed a bottle of champagne, “Compliments of the house.”

The food was Italian and absolutely divine although I noticed Frankie was more intent on drinking than eating. When she started slurring her words, I kicked her under the table and from that point on, I tried to make sure she drank more water than wine but I think I failed.

Throughout the meal, Christopher was an absolute gentleman and I really enjoyed the way he topped up my drinks and stood up whenever Frankie or I got up to visit the loo (which was several times.)

Robert is small (perfect for Frankie) and possibly the most intense person I’ve ever met. He talks a million miles a minute and comes across as extremely intelligent, in a crazed sort of way. He is obviously very taken with Frankie but I’m not surprised because men just love her. Sequins and all!

Christopher is lovely and definitely the tall, dark, handsome type. He appears to be a good listener and unlike Robert, Christopher talks slowly and deliberately and only does so when it’s appropriate.

In the middle of desert (the creation before me was more art than food) Frankie said she was bored of sitting and wanted to go out clubbing! The boys said they couldn’t come out with us as they were off to the Hamptons for the weekend but they offered us the use of the limo for the remainder of the evening. Thank you!

Christopher took down my address and phone number (I love that his pen was a Mont Blanc.) And of course he gave me his.

We told the boys we’ll be back in a few days but I don’t think they believed us. They recommended we go to a club called Auber and said they’d call ahead for us. Again, thanks!

We asked Hank, the limo driver, if we could take a little tour of the city before going to the club and he obliged. It’s a shame only the two of us were in the limo. I wish we could have filled it with our crew.

How can there be anything more amazing than the buildings in this magical city? It’s truly the most spectacular place.

Auber was pretty upmarket and dimly lit. Frankie and I talked to so many different people and drank lots of yummy champagne. Our accents are a big hit here.

Frankie was pretty drunk and i rang Hank, as instructed, to let him know we were ready to be picked up. He showed up within minutes and helped me get Frankie situated in the limo.

“Swanky hanky,” she slurred. “Can you take us to the boys’ building? It has a green awning outside.”
I watched Hank as he tried, unsuccessfully, to stifle a smirk.
“Frankie,” I said in my teacher voice. “The boys have already left for the weekend.”

And even if they hadn’t, I doubt they’d appreciate us showing up at three in the morning.

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