July 9th, 1989

July 9th, 1989

Flight from MAN – JFK

Lexington Hotel, New York

Easy flight and here we are again! This time we’re staying in Frankie’s room because she likes the blue painted walls! We sat on Frankie’s bed and I held the handset while she dialed the number Robert gave her. He was in his car, heading back to the city from the Hamptons and sounded really surprised to hear from her. I got the impression that he was with someone (that someone being another girl for example.)

We showered and changed out of our uniforms (more sparkle for Frankie!) and had to slum it by hailing our own cab. There’s a constant stream of yellow on the street and cabs galore. With all the horns beeping it really does feel like you’re on a movie set. Yellow is definitely the colour of New York.

We went back to Iguana bar because the Surf Club Frankie heard about (from her latest guy in London) was, according to the concierge, “Way uptown.” We thought about going back to MK’s, but because it’s Sunday, it was closed.

The Iguana bar was packed and Frankie looked around for Robert. She told him that’s where we’d be but he was nowhere to be found. After a few drinks, I felt tired and suggested coming back to the hotel. Surprisingly, Frankie agreed so we caught a cab back.

Walked round the corner to the deli, where we spent a small fortune on all sorts of junk food. Plus bagels! The deli was jammed and you would’ve thought it was one in the afternoon when in fact it was one in the morning.

I popped back to my room to get some of my clothes and noticed the message light on the phone, flashing.

“Shit,” I thought, picking up the handset and pressing the button to retrieve the message. Typically, a message light means a delay to the flight or a change to the trip.

“Hey Karen. How ya doin? Robert called me and I guess you guys are back in town? Whoa, that’s crazy. And awesome. I’d love to get together with you before you leave the city again. And you’ve probably already guessed (he let out a little laugh) but this is Christopher. How does tomorrow night sound?”

He proceeded to leave his work and home number (both of which I already have in my Filofax.) I enjoyed hearing his accent so much that I hit replay and smiled as I listened to his message again.

When I came back to Frankie’s room, she was already asleep and unless I remove it, she’ll wake up tomorrow with a cream cheese filled bagel stuck to the side of her cheek.

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