July 13th, 1989

July 13th, 1989
At home

Busy day on the phone:

Carl – He had me in stitches filling me in on some of his recent antics (especially those in the romance department.) He laughed when I told him about Frankie and our fun New York trip and suggested I remain friends with Christopher. But only because he has an apartment in our favourite city!

Lolly – Said she really isn’t enjoying flying as much as she thought she would and even talked about possibly leaving BA. I think it takes a while get in the groove and get used to being away from home for much of the time. I know Lolly is very close to her family so perhaps it’s taking her a bit longer to get used to being absent.

Florence – We were on the phone for two hours and on reflection I should have just walked across the road to her house! I love talking to Florence, she’s a great listener and always has some words of wisdom to offer.

Jon – Asked when we can catch up again and as always I said I have no idea. Maybe if I was around more I’d have a different relationship with Jon, then again maybe not. I’ve already gone out with him and I don’t see the point of trying again. Having said that, I do love how upbeat and positive he is and his sense of humour is brilliant. He always makes me laugh.

While I was cleaning out my dresser tonight, I came across a picture of Ben I took about a year after we met. His smile in that picture still garners a strong reaction from me and made me think about how I’ll feel when I see him again. To commemorate his twenty-third birthday tomorrow, I wrote a lengthy letter to him but I already scrunched it up and threw it in the bin.

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