July 17th, 1989

July 17th, 1989
Flight from LGW – BRU as a passenger
Brussels, Belgium

Before Jon left for work this morning he whistled while he moved around his kitchen, making tea and toast for Simone and I. No sooner was he out the door, when Simone gushed, “I always liked him. I think he’s perfect for you.”
“You’re just saying that because he made you buttery toast.”
She smiled her sweet, Simone smile.

I got a shock at Gatwick, after Simone dropped me off, when I had to pay fourteen quid for parking. I suppose it beat getting stressed over driving and finding somewhere to park so it was probably worth it.

It was a lovely drive, South, to Pamsy’s, with the windows open and Radio One, blaring.
“You made it,” Pamsy shouted, as I pulled into the driveway.
“What a gorgeous day,” I said, getting out of the car.
“Come inside,” she said. “I have a surprise for you.”

The surprise was a ticket to Brussels on the flight Pamsy was working on.
“Everything got messed up because of the delay to my Tenerife so I thought you could come with me.”
“Of course,” I said. “But if we’re going to Belgium for the night I really need to take a nap.”
“Alright. Go ahead, upstairs,” she smiled. “I have to watch Neighbors.”
“You’re still watching that?”
“Uh-huh, has to be done.”
Pamsy loves anything Aussie related, probably because it’s where her Dad was born.

A few hours later, I was heading back to Gatwick, with Pamsy! We blasted her Johnnie Hates Jazz cassette and strained our vocal chords singing; “And now you’ve given me, given me, nothing but shattered dreams, shattered dreams…” During the instrumental parts we talked quickly before singing again!

Needless to say, I was well taken care of on the Air Europe flight to Brussels and wished it was longer than seventy minutes. It’s always interesting observing the crew, from a passenger’s point of view and I doubt anyone was disappointed with today’s service.

I loved working for Air Europe, it was such a great introduction to flying and I’m glad I had that experience before joining British Airways. The company has grown quite a bit since I left eight month’s ago and I’m sure they’ll continue to. The training I received there was stellar and of course that’s where I met Stephen. And Imogen, whose name came up tonight. What a character she was! Straight out of AE training, we shared a house in Brighton, where she spent the six months I lived there, in bed with Vic, our landlord! I can still pinpoint the second they fell in love! With Imogen’s piercing green eyes and long, flowing locks (best hair of anyone, ever!) it’s no surprise Vic fell so hard for her. I really must get in touch and see how they are.

Our fab night here began at a room party in Damien’s (First Officer) room, after which we went out to La Grand Place, where we popped in and out of various bars and had fun talking to some dishy French guys. However, the best part of it has been spending time with Pamsy, catching up on our mega busy lives.

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