July 19th, 1989

July 19th, 1989

At Pamsy’s, Sussex

Pamsy and I were in her room, trying on our new clothes, when her dad called up to us.

“Girls. You might want to come down and see this.”

We dashed downstairs to the living room, where we’ve been glued to the telly ever since.

A United Airlines DC-10 crash-landed in Sioux City, Iowa and the news is trickling out slowly but it’s evident from the horrific images that something catastrophic happened. The flight departed from Denver and was bound for Philadelphia, via Chicago.

Pamsy and I have been talking about how sad it is when something like this happens. It’s what all cabin crew train for and hope will never happen.

It’s just awful for the loved ones of the passengers and crew, who boarded that flight today, just like Pamsy and I have, hundreds of times, with the expectation that we’ll arrive safely at our destination.

Judging from the black, smoke filled images they’re showing on tv, it doesn’t look hopeful that any of the two hundred ninety-six souls onboard survived.



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