July 22nd, 1989

July 22nd, 1989

Flight from LHR – AUH

Hilton Hotel, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Phew, it’s hot here and I’m more than ready for bed, but something wonderful happened today and I need to write about it.

Mum and dad were up early this morning and we enjoyed breakfast in the garden together. While dad was putting my suitcase in the car, mum was still asking if I had everything I need. They pair of them waved wildly as I rounded the corner and began the easier than usual drive to Heathrow (Saturday.)

I already knew Kimberly was on this trip but it was still nice to see her and catch up in the briefing room. Our crew are quite junior, so much so that I actually got to pick a position to work in, as opposed to being last on the list. I chose to work in Club World because I’m usually in Economy and with this being a long trip, it’ll make a nice change.

I clocked him the second he set foot in the Club cabin. He was wearing a dark blue jacket, light trousers and a pale blue shirt. I made a beeline for him and while he was getting situated in his seat, I caught his eye.

“Welcome onboard,” I said, with my biggest smile.

“Thanks,” he grinned. American. I knew it. His blonde surfer boy hair fell slightly across his face and when he flicked it away, I imagined him running into the sea with a surfboard tucked under his arm.

Kimberly was in the other aisle, on the other side of the cabin and when I turned and mouthed, “Wow,” she put her hand over her mouth but it wasn’t enough to contain her giggle.

Turning back to surfer boy, I asked, “May I hang your jacket up?”

“Sure,” he said, glancing at my nametag. “Thanks, Karen.” Best pronunciation of my name. Ever.

There’s a wardrobe located in the Club cabin so offering to hang coats or jackets is all part of the service but typically our passengers don’t look anything like he did.

I tried my hardest to maintain a professional air and not flirt with him during the beverage and meal service but I did get a heads up by learning his name from the passenger manifest. What probably isn’t professional is remembering everything David W. chose to eat and drink! During the service, we chit chatted and he told me he’s from Los Angeles. He went on to tell me that he loves London and that it’s one of his favourite cities.

I was in the galley, setting up the duty free trolley, when he appeared.

“Hi,” he grinned. “I hope I’m not disturbing you.”

“Not at all,” I said, hoping my cheeks didn’t look as flushed as they felt. “Can I get you something?”

“Maybe some water?”

“Still or sparkling?” I asked.


“Ice and lemon?”

“Sure, that’d be great, Karen.” Ah, say my name again.

Kimberly was on the other side of the galley, pretending to be busy, when in fact she was totally eavesdropping. I expected David to leave after I gave him his drink, but instead we fell into an easy chat about all sorts. He came across as a bit shy, which I found highly appealing (or was that just his hair and eyes?)

He was taking the flight onto Delhi (business trip) and hopefully he’ll get a nice surprise when he finds the note I left in his jacket pocket!




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