July 25th, 1989

July 25th, 1989
Flight from KUL – PEN as a passenger
Penang, Malaysia

Writing this in a super luxurious bed, in a place I only learned the name of today!

After an hour at breakfast with our crew, Kimberly and I agreed that the prospect of spending several monotonous days around the pool talking about diets would be depressing and not the reason we joined British Airways!

We promptly set out to find a travel agent and didn’t have to venture far before we came across Melissa, an Aussie, who just happened to be ex-Qantas crew! She laughed when we told her we wanted to get away from our crew and suggested Penang. The price for the flight and hotel was fair to begin with but on top of it, Melissa gave us a hefty crew discount, so it ended up being peanuts.

We dashed back to the hotel, located Elaine, our Cabin Service Director (who’s actually very cool) and asked for permission to come away. Fortunately she said yes so we gave her the flight info and hotel name. She did comment on the fact that we booked the trip before asking for permission, but unlike some of the CSD’s I’ve come across, she didn’t make a big deal out of it.

Packed quickly then caught a taxi to the airport and boarded a Malaysian Airlines Boeing 747. Forty-five minutes later, we landed in Penang and made our way in a taxi through the crowded streets, to this incredibly luxurious hotel. Our room is stunning with an impressive view of the beach and the biggest, marble clad bathroom I’ve ever seen.

We were tired tonight but after dinner, we made an effort to stop in at the hotel disco. It was dead so we only stayed for an hour but judging by Kimberly’s snoring, the wine we consumed in that short time was enough to knock her out!

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