July 27th, 1989

July 27th, 1989

Flight from PEN – KUL as a passenger

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Elaine (our CSD) rang early this morning with the good news that I can stay on the trip but she stressed that I need to get a new ID issued ASAP after we land back at Heathrow.

After I hung up, I fell asleep again and didn’t wake up until close to midday, which is when Kimberly and I were due to vacate our hotel room. We got ready quickly and were surprised at check out at how inexpensive our room service bill was.

Took the bus to Georgetown with no particular plan so we walked around and visited several temples, but to be honest the humidity was so unbearable that we didn’t enjoy the sights as much as we could have. Plus, in all that heat, my shorts felt far too snug and I swear my waistline expanded more by the second.

Kimberly did a lot of complaining today! At one point I was about to ask her to stop but when I looked at her, she looked sad so I didn’t say anything. She’s the type of girl who can be really fun one minute then silent the next. I felt a bit mean but after our flight took off I pretended to take a nap so I wouldn’t have to listen to any more of her whinging.

It was such a relief to come back to my room and be alone again! I cranked up the air conditioning (best friends) climbed into this big bed and just finished writing several letters, including one to Ben that I’ll probably keep, if only to remind me of how much I miss him tonight.

I love the sight of paper and books strewn all over my bed. It reminds me of the poem I love by Erica Jong:

I Sleep With…

I sleep with double pillows since you’re gone.

Is one of them for you – or is it you?

My bed is heaped with books of poetry.

I fall asleep on yellow legal pads.

Oh, the orgies in stationery stores!

The love of printer’s ink and thick new pads.

A poet has to fall in love to write.

Her bed is heaped with papers, or with men.

I keep your pillow pressed down with my books.

They leave an indentation like your head.

If I can’t have you here, I’ll take cold type and words: the warmest things there are – but you.



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