July 28th, 1989

July 28th, 1989

Night flight from KUL – AUH

Presently on crew rest, halfway through this almost eight-hour flight. I don’t particularly like night flights and with several of them remaining on this trip, I’m wishing now that losing my ID had got me sent home.

Flight was delayed out of Kuala Lumpur by several hours, all of which we spent on the ground, with passengers onboard. They were not happy campers! About every ten minutes, Kimberly made a point of telling me how uncomfortable she was and it took all I had not to lose it with her. I wanted to shout, “I don’t like the heat and humidity either but complaining about it isn’t going to cool us down!”

I’m finding the time changes on this trip difficult to keep up with and I think I might be getting a cold. Feeling stuffy on the ground is bad enough but at altitude it just seems to get worse. The fact I’ve eaten mostly crap since we left LHR probably isn’t helping either and I can tell from the snugness of the waistband on my skirt that I’ve probably gained weight too. Ugh!

I really wish this flight was going to Heathrow.










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