July 29th, 1989

July 29th, 1989

Fight from AUH – DEL

Hyatt Hotel, Delhi, India

Went straight to bed in Abu Dhabi this morning, totally zonked out and woke up five minutes before call time. Showered, got back into uniform and here I am in India for the first time!

Flight time from Abu Dhabi was only three and a half hours and the bulk of the passengers had come all the way from LHR. I’d much rather operate the first sector out of LHR like we did at the beginning of this trip (when I met yummy David from LA!) There were definitely no passengers resembling him onboard last night, this morning or whenever the heck that flight was!

Did my best to keep busy on the flight and avoid Kimberly and her incessant complaining about the heat. I think the fact I’m not feeling well is only adding to my intolerance of Kimberly, which I know isn’t very fair but right now, that’s how I feel.

This hotel is very majestic looking but there’s a horrible odour in my room and it feels damp. A few of the crew arranged to meet in the hotel bar but I think I’m better off getting some sleep in the hope I’ll wake up tomorrow in a better frame of mind.



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