August 2nd, 1989

August 2nd, 1989

Hilton Hotel, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Went back to the beach club today with Carl and Kimberly but I have to say, I was pretty miserable. I felt horribly bloated and hid under an umbrella the entire time we were there. The heat here is just unbearable.

I was so much happier when we came back to the hotel and sat in the comfort of the air-conditioned lobby. Carl and Kimberly commented on how much I seemed to be enjoying the sweet tea.

“I love this stuff,” I gushed.

“I can tell,” Carl laughed.

“Karen, when you like something, you really like it,” commented Kimberly.

“Right girls,” Carl said, rubbing his hands together. “If we’re out on the town tonight, I’m off to my room to have a kip. Give us a knock on my door about eight darling?”

“I will,” I said, draining the last of the syrupy tea.

We started off the evening with a few drinks in Hemingway’s bar then came back to the hotel and went to the Safari (no Cartier boxes in sight!) It was a bit dead so we went to the Carousel club, which was jumping.

Carl went to say hello to a mate of his who was there with some of his crew and on the dance floor, Kimberly and I met Roland, BA’s station manager for the airport, who was super nice. Toby showed up and asked me to introduce him to Roland, then they went to the bar together and when Carl came back he yelled, “I’m just letting you know that my mate Terry Chapman just told me he fancies you.”

I glanced over in Terry’s direction. “I don’t think so,” I shouted over the music, to Carl, which made him laugh.

Kimberly sidled up to me. “Tonight might be my lucky night with Toby,” she shrieked in my ear.

I looked over to the bar where Toby and Roland looked pretty cosy together.
“Ok,” was all I could respond with and watched as Kimberly headed in the direction of disappointment.

I noticed Terry making his way to the dance floor so I averted my gaze but when I looked again a minute later his head was deep in conversation with the ample bust of a girl with long dark hair. I gestured for Carl to take a look.

“Sorry darling, looks like he changed his mind about you.”

I brushed my fingers across my forehead in an exaggerated fashion and Carl laughed.

“Check out Kimberly at the bar.”

Carl danced his way towards me and shook his head when he saw Kimberly gazing up at Toby, who was doing the same to Roland on the other side of him!

Just then, Johnny Kemp came on and Carl and I sang at the top of our lungs; “Just got paid, Friday night, party hopping, feeling fine.”

Even though it’s actually Wednesday.


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