August 6th, 1989

August 6th, 1989

At home

Just got home from an unexpected night out in Luton with Sebastian and several of his friends. Not surprisingly, he and Stephen have decided to call it a day. What I am surprised about is that Stephen didn’t ring and tell me, then again I haven’t been around much and I suspect he hasn’t either. Sebastian said the distance between them (as in geographic not emotional!) was too much. And here I am, hoping to hear from a guy who lives six thousand miles away!

Spent most of the day on the phone:

Kimberly – “I’ve been in touch with Toby and I have a sneaking suspicion he might be gay but what do you think?”

In the conversation I was having with her in my head, I asked, “Don’t you remember me telling you that he had a boyfriend?” It seemed too harsh. “Whatever gave you that impression?” I asked.
“When I rang him, a guy answered. He had a Scandinavian accent.”

“I wonder who that could be,” I said, immediately feeling guilty.

“I think he might be Toby’s boyfriend.”

“You do?” Head version, “Finally!”

“I don’t know, just my gut reaction. You should always trust it, you know. When I trust mine, I’m always right.”

“Thank you for that excellent advice, Kimberly,” I managed to say without even a hint of sarcasm.

Talked to Pamsy for almost three hours! She loved hearing about David and our chance meeting in the market.

“Blimey!” she exclaimed, over and over again.

After I told her about our first kiss, she laughed and said, “You really are a minx.”

“Merci,” I replied. “I’ll take that as a compliment.”

Carl and I were on the phone for ages, reliving the antics of the cast of characters we encountered in Abu Dhabi. I told him about my conversation with Kimberly.

“Why was she even ringing him?” he asked.

“She said she was going to ask him out for a drink.”




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