August 10th, 1989

August 10th, 1989

Girls’ flat, Hampton Hill

Made it through today’s block of standby without getting called out and who knows if tomorrow will be the same or if I’ll be going to bed in another country!

Carl and Daniel (from training) came round to the flat today and once standby was over, we went to the pub with Meryl and Kimberly. Lorna left on a trip first thing this morning and I didn’t get a chance to ask where she was going. That’s one sign that we travel a lot!

It was a perfect Pimm’s afternoon at the pub, with the sun shining and the sort of day one only gets to experience in England, in the summer. We had a great laugh sharing flying stories and needless to say David’s name came up. Again! I swear his ears must be burning at this point. Hopefully he’ll get my letter in the next few days and reply.

As no strangers to this afternoon’s libations, we were all in good spirits when we left the pub and someone (read as; Carl!) suggested we go out clubbing tonight. Came back to the flat, where we enjoyed a few more drinks, changed into our gladrags and took a taxi to Kingston. Stopped at a trendy wine bar first then ended up in a tacky club called Cinderella’s.

Kimberly was in one of her moods and my initial reaction was to ignore her, then I remembered the promise I made to myself to be nice to her regardless of her mood. I think, like mum, Kimberly suffers from depression and can’t help the way she is so I’m once again vowing to be a good, supportive friend to her. Hopefully it’ll last!

Meryl and Daniel were very chummy chummy on the dance floor and at one point I thought they might kiss but if they did, I didn’t see it. Meryl’s boyfriend lives in Scotland but she doesn’t talk about him much so I don’t know what’s going on there.

Carl and I were dancing to Simply Red’s “It’s Only Love,” when a girl who was the spitting image of the lead singer of The Bangles (argh, can’t remember her name) came over and stepped on my toes in order to get closer to Carl! He shrugged his shoulders and flashed his signature cheeky smile, so I left them to it and by the end of the night they were snogging.

I really need to get to LA!


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