August 13th, 1989

August 13th, 1989
Flight from LGW – LCA

Presently on crew rest, but not for long because the flight time is only four and a half hours. Same crew as yesterday’s quick hop to Spain and they seem really nice so it should be a good first trip to Cyprus.

Last night was really fun. Annabel is “a hoot,” as she would say and by far, one of the sweetest girls I’ve met since I joined British Airways. Once we were on our way to London, I asked her again who she’d been with at the hotel.
“Just a friend,” she said, acting distracted by the traffic.
“I don’t believe you.”
“Miss McGarr. Has anyone ever brought it to your attention that you’re much too astute for your own good?”
“Nope,” I said, smiling. “So, who were you with?”
“I’ll tell you, but you must promise not to tell anyone.”
“I shan’t,” I said, mimicking her accent.
“When I say anyone, I mean my friends. Not yours.”
“Fair enough, I said. “It’s not likely our friends’ paths will cross.”
She changed lanes and sped up. “I was enjoying a rather, let’s say, active, afternoon with a chap I recently met.”
“Crew?” I asked.
“Why do you need to know that?”
“I don’t but I imagine he’s cabin or flight crew, hence the reason he was staying at that particular hotel.”
“You ought to be a detective,” she said, smirking.
“So. We’ve established he’s crew. Does he have a name?”
“You don’t want to tell me his name? Is he married?” I asked.
“Oh gosh no. That would be ghastly. His name begins with the letter T.”
“No, not Thomas. I do like that name though.”
“Absolutely not. Daddy would have a stroke if I even so dared as to kiss a Catholic boy.”
I laughed. “Theodore?”
She cracked up laughing. “He’s a chap, not a dog.”
I shot my hand in the air. “Wait, I know it!”
She glanced over at me. “You do?”
“It’s toe-knee,” I said in my best cockney accent.
“Tony? Ugh, no, I couldn’t possibly bring myself to be, ah, involved, with anyone named Tony.”
“Of course you couldn’t.”
“Do you give up?” she asked.
“I give up.”
“I shan’t tell you his name but I will share a story he told me.”
I nodded my head, urging her to go on.
“I’ll call him T. T was recently on a lengthy trip, which he said was becoming rather tedious. He asked one of the newer crew members if she wanted to accompany him to the market. He didn’t actually share this part with me, but I gathered, from what he said, that he quite fancied her and was using the market as a ploy to gain her interest.”
“Who’s the detective now?” I laughed.
“This new girl…”
“What was her name?” I asked, interrupting her.
“He didn’t say, actually.”
“Ok, carry on.”
“The new girl agreed to go to the market and proceeded to tell him, T, that while they were working in Club, she left a note for a passenger in his jacket pocket.”
“Really?” I asked, trying my best not to let my face give anything away. “What did the note say?”
“Apparently, it had her name and address, in the hopes he would contact her.”
“What a hussy!”
“Can you imagine?” She asked. “T did add that the passenger in question was rather charming and extremely yummy.”
It took everything I had not to laugh. “Hmmm,” was all I managed.
Annabel moved into the middle lane. “But wait, that isn’t even the best part.”
“Oh, there’s more?” I asked, in my most surprised tone.
“Oh, yes much. They were shopping in the market…”
“Delhi? I think Delhi. T and the new girl..”
“The hussy.”
“Ya, T and the hussy were shopping and guess what? You’ll never guess.”
“The chap she left the note for appeared in the market.”
I felt my heart racing while she continued, “T said witnessing their reunion was like watching a scene from a romantic film.”
I shook my head no.
“Don’t you believe me?” she asked.
“Stuff like that never happens,” I stated.
“It does you know. There would be no reason for T to make it up.”
“Sorry, Annabel but I think Toby got carried away.”
She changed lanes again and looked at me. “Did you say Toby?”
I shook my head yes and met her look of surprise with my biggest smile.

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