August 15th, 1989

August 15th, 1989

Flight from LCA – LGW

At home

Easy flight home from Cyprus this morning. Arrived at Gatwick early then crew transport back to Heathrow, where my car wouldn’t start. No idea why! Eventually, it got going and I made my way home but I should probably get it checked out. I don’t need that happening again after a flight when I just want to get home.

I ate far too much today and wish I could just stop. I keep saying the words but fail to do anything action wise so I suppose I should either stop sounding like a broken record or at least do something about it! What I do know though is that I will never, under any circumstances, give up chocolate!

Received a letter from Ben. I got the impression he’s feeling lonely in France. Of course I could be reading it wrong but he certainly didn’t sound like his usual self. I hope he’s ok.

Much better than receiving Ben’s letter, was the postcard that arrived in this afternoon’s post, from David. He’s in Tokyo, or was, I should say. I’m really tempted to ring him in LA but the eight-hour time change makes it difficult to catch him at home.

I like the way David writes, he’s very descriptive about his surroundings and from the sounds of it he enjoys food as much as I do. Unlike me though, he doesn’t have a problem with his weight. He has a slender physique with just the right amount of muscles. Something about my attraction to such may have appeared in the letter I wrote to him last night. The letter I will not be sending!

He signed off with; “I hope we can meet somewhere in the world, sooner rather than later.”

I hope so too.


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