August 23rd, 1989

August 23rd, 1989

At home

Mega phone day!

Pamsy – “It sounds like this David geezer really made an impression on you.”

Carl – “What are you like with the Yanks? This one had better not be all mouth and no trousers.”

Annabel – “Poppet, I met your friend Kimberly, terribly sweet girl. She told me you met a splendid chap onboard. Do tell.”

Sam – “I just flew with someone you know; a purser called Toby. Is it true you left a note with your name and address, in a punter’s jacket pocket?”

Nana – “Your mammy told me about the American boy you met on the plane.”

Florence – “Karen luv, come round, I have wine. And I want to hear all about this David lad.”

Lolly – “Thanks for your note mate, now fill me in a bit more on this bloke from LA.”

Sarah – “I wish your American boyfriend was here so you could bring him round. We could make hamburgers. Is it true they all like hamburgers?”

I rang Stephen and on his answering machine is a male voice I don’t recognize!


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