August 26th, 1989

August 26th, 1989

Night flight from LHR – LCA, as a passenger

I have nothing! Not even a toothbrush. But I’ll get to that in a minute.

Torrential rain the entire drive to Heathrow this afternoon. I hate driving in those conditions, especially when I find myself chugging along, sandwiched between oversized lorries. I definitely need a car with more power for motorway driving. With something zippier I could easily pass the lorries and not get stuck behind them, getting sprayed.

Even though we were travelling as passengers today, we still checked in at TriStar House and dropped our suitcases off. There was a briefing to establish our working positions on tomorrow’s flight home, as well as other info pertaining to the flight/trip. The only difference is that we weren’t in uniform.

Flew here on a Boeing 757, which, compared to the TriStar, felt small. Sat with my purser, Suzette, who is absolutely lovely. Suzette’s been with BA for over ten years and it was refreshing to hear how much she still enjoys flying. She told me she quickly became hooked on this lifestyle and has no intention of leaving until she retires (in about thirty years from now!)

The flight made a quick stop in Rome, then onto Larnaca. As soon as the aircraft doors were opened, the warm air quickly filled the cabin and I was happy to finally disembark.

By the time we reached the baggage claim area, the crew luggage had already been offloaded, as is typical. One by one, my crew claimed their suitcases and I thought that perhaps mine had been loaded, by mistake, in the hold with the passenger’s luggage. I waited by the carousel, hoping it would appear but needless to say, it did not!

The CSD helped me file a report to give to the ground staff and of course that delayed the crew bus leaving the airport. By the time we arrived, the hotel bar was already closed.

So, here I am in Cyprus with only the clothes I’m wearing and the contents of my handbag and cabin bag.

Fortunately, we’re only here for the night!


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