August 29th, 1989

August 29th, 1989

At home

In bed with my headphones on, listening to Teddy Pendergrass crooning “Can We Be Lovers.” I keep rewinding the cassette because I love this song like there’s no tomorrow. “You’re the missing part, that can heal my lonely nights, you’re the missing part, that makes my day so bright.” Ah, sing it Teddy.

Dashed down the motorway this morning for a flight to Paris, only to find out it had been cancelled. I had a room at The Excelsior for the night (provided by British Airways) and for a minute I thought about going there but I knew I’d be bored silly so I came home.

Nice dinner with mum and dad then I rode my bike over to see Susan and Stan. I always enjoy being in Ben’s house, even when he isn’t there. I find it very comforting and Susan always makes me feel really welcome. Jill popped in and it was lovely to see her. She’s lost a lot of weight since I last saw her and cut her hair shorter, it really suits her. It’s been nice watching Ben’s little sister go from a stroppy teenager to a twenty year old who seems much happier.

“I have something to ask you,” she said.

My first instinct was that she was about to ask me something related to Ben, so I was surprised when she said, “Will you be my Chief Bridesmaid?”

It took me a minute to register what she asking.


“When Brian and I get married, will you be my Chief Bridesmaid?”

“Did he propose?” I asked.

“Not exactly,” she said. “But I have a feeling it’s coming.”

I thought back to the last time I was in Brian’s company, when he made fun of what I was wearing and acted like a total prat.

“I’d love to,” I said, hating myself for lying.

While I was putting my bike in the shed, mum came dashing out of the house.

“Guess what?”


“David’s going to be in London this weekend.”

“He is? How do you know?”

“He phoned about an hour ago.”

“Shit!” I exclaimed.

“Don’t swear,” she said.

“Sorry. What did he say?”

“He’s flying into Heathrow…”






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