August 31st, 1989

August 31st, 1989

At home

I wish Pamsy lived closer. Having said that, with the amount of time we just spent talking on the phone, I’d almost be there (three hours!)

“Blimey,” she quipped. “LA Dave is coming this weekend?”

“According to my mum, yes.”

“How does your mum know?” she asked.

“How do you think?”

Pamsy started laughing. “I wonder how long she kept him on the phone.”
“She didn’t say but I don’t suppose it was a quick chat.”

“I love your mum, she’s so funny.”

“Oh. Yes. She. Is.”

“So,” Pamsy said, and I imagined her putting her hand on her hip. “Dare I ask what you two will be doing this weekend?”

“I expect we’ll spend time in London.”

“That’s not what I meant.”

“I know,” I said. “I’m avoiding the question.”

“Do you think it will happen?”

“What? Going to London? Most definitely.”

“Oh, I see what you’re doing,” she said with a chuckle. “So, do you think you’ll go to London with LA Dave for the first time this weekend?”

“I think we might go more than once,” I said, trying not to laugh. “At least I hope so.”

“Oooohh,” she cooed, “you really are a minx.”


Spent the morning with mum in the garden. Now that the weather is changing, it wasn’t that warm but it was nice to be outside. Mum was much quieter than usual.

“You ok, mum?”

“Aye,” she said, staring into the distance.

“Do you want me to set the table up so we can play table tennis?”

She shook her head no. We didn’t speak for a while and mum was the one to break the silence

“I’m no looking forward to the winter,” she said, with a heavy sigh.

I felt annoyed at myself for not guessing that’s what it might be.

“Maybe this winter won’t be too bad,” I offered.

Her silence told me everything.

Knowing I should leave it at that, I continued. “You’ll be alright, mum. Dad and I will be here to make sure you’re ok.”




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