September 2nd, 1989

September 2nd, 1989

At home

David rang! In mum’s excitement she mixed up the date of David’s arrival so it’s actually next weekend he’ll be in London. Phew!

“Now that we’ve established you’re not in London this weekend, what are your plans?” I asked, when David finally rang at six tonight. With the eight-hour time difference it was only ten in his world.

“I’m going to San Diego.”

I was tempted to ask him why but I thought it might come across as being too forward.

“How far is that from where you live?”

“In weekend traffic, about two and a half hours.”

“About the same time it takes me to drive to Heathrow.” I said. “On a good day.”

“I love driving in the UK.”

“Really?” I asked.

“Oh yeah, I’ll be renting a car next weekend so we can go wherever you want.”

“That sounds great.”

“Have you driven in the States?” he asked.

“Only once, back in January when I was in Florida with my friend Pamsy.”

“And how was it?”

“Awful. I was really nervous, even on an open stretch of road, driving an automatic. I think Pamsy was relieved when I said I’d had enough.”

“How long did you drive?” he asked.

“For about ten minutes!”

He laughed. “ Well, when you come out to LA we’ll take a ride on the PCH. You might enjoy driving that.”

“Thanks to you, I already know that stands for Pacific Coast Highway.”

“It’s cool, you’ll love it.”

“Is there anything in particular you’d like to see while you’re here?” I asked.

“Just London,” he stated. “I love London.”

“Me too.”

“I’ve only visited a few times but each time, I love it more. It’s so cool you’re so close to such an awesome city.”

“It’s about sixty miles from here,” I said. “Forty minutes on the train. There’s no way I’d drive in London.”

“I don’t mind driving in the city. I think it’s kinda cool.”

“This weekend, San Diego, next weekend London.”

“Crazy, right?” he laughed. “I don’t travel nearly as much as you but I find when I’m home now, I appreciate it more. Do you feel the same?”

“Mostly,” I said, recalling some recent lonely weekends.

“It’s tough being away so much. I mean I love my job, but man, those trips back and forth to India and Japan can be exhausting. I don’t know how you flight attendants do it.”

With the mention of India, my mind wandered to our first kiss in Delhi, back in July.

“Karen? You still there?” Ah, say my name again.

“Yes, sorry. I should probably let you go so you can be on your way.”

“I guess I should. My parents’ are expecting me for lunch and my mom will get upset if I’m late.”

I felt a slight sense of relief knowing it was a family visit.

“We can’t have that. Have a lovely time and I’ll see you next week.”

Flutter, flutter.

“Too cool,” he said. “I’ll call you as soon as I get to the hotel. Think about what you might wannae do in London.”

I think I already know.


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