September 3rd, 1989

September 3rd, 1989

At home

Lovely, long chat to Carl today, which I really enjoyed. He turned twenty-one yesterday and was nursing a “bit of a hangover.” No surprise there! Really looking forward to celebrating his birthday with our mutual friends, at his house, later this month.

Mum talked to me at great length tonight about Ben (again!) She’s adamant that she doesn’t want us to ever get back together. She kept saying he’s no good for me and that I’m better off, and happier, without him. Part of me understands why mum feels like that, but I still can’t seem to shut off how I feel about him.

Of course mum already feels she knows David from talking to him so much on the phone. Plus the fact he’s American certainly works in his favour! Mum still talks about her time in America, working as a nanny. She grew very fond of the three children she took care of and from all the pictures and stories she’s shared, I feel like I know them!

It worries me that mum is so against me ever being with Ben again. Her strong opinion could make the future really difficult if we were ever to get back together. Having said that, I’m really looking forward to seeing David next weekend and spending time with him. My wish is that it will go so well, I’ll lose all memory of Ben!

After our serious chat, mum and I lightened the mood and rang Nana. She said she loves receiving the cards and letters I send her from my trips.

“I’ve read them time and time again,” she said. “So much so, in fact, that I’ve memorized most of them.”

I know the feeling, Nana.


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