September 4th, 1989

September 4th, 1989

Girls’ flat, Hampton Hill

Three plus hours this morning to drive to British Airways’ training centre at Cranebank, where we spent the day poring over vast amounts of text, learning all there is to know about the Jumbo. When the course is over, I’ll be licensed to fly on the Boeing 747, which, according to most crew, is their favourite aircraft.

Kimberly and Sam are also on the course and of course (!) Sam kept us entertained at lunchtime.

“Just think, you two, once we start flying on the Queen of the Skies, the world will literally be our oyster.”

“What do you mean?” Kimberly innocently asked.

“Men, darling. I mean men!” he boomed. “More destinations equal more men.”

“Oh,” she said, in a way that made Sam and I crack up.

Sam looked at me from across the table. “You’re not saying much over there, missy.”

“What is there to say?” I asked.

“Karen already has a boyfriend in LA. And there’s a guy in New York called Christopher who really likes her but…” rambled Kimberly.

I interrupted her. “David is not my boyfriend.” To make my point, I added her name.“Kimberly.”

“What happened to lover boy in Spain? Or was it France?” Sam asked.
“Ben is still there, in France, he’ll be home soon. I think.”

“But that’s all over, right?” Sam asked.

I shrugged my shoulders.

“Ooohh,” Sam cooed. “The plot thickens.”

Kimberly rolled her eyes. “I like Jon. I think you should go out with him again.”

“Who the hell is Jon?” asked Sam.

“He’s an old boyfriend. Great guy and all that but…”

Sam cut me off. “You’ve already been there, done that.”

“Pretty much,” I agreed.

He nodded his head. “And who’s the guy in New York?”

“He’s lovely,” said Kimberly.

“How did you meet him?” Sam asked.

“We, (she pointed at me) just did a New York together. He took us out and we had a brilliant night with him. He’s absolutely lovely but (she looked at me) Karen doesn’t think they have,” she made quotation marks. “Chemistry.”

“No chemistry, no go,” said Sam, shaking his head.

I laughed. “Exactly.”

“Do you have,” Sam copied Kimberly’s quotation marks, “chemistry with LA man?”

“His name’s David. Yes, I think we do, but…”

“But what?”

I sighed. “I guess I’ll find out for sure this weekend.”


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