September 5th, 1989

September 5th, 1989

Girls flat, Hampton Hill

First thing we did in class this morning was an exam, on which I scored one hundred. That’s what happens when you pay attention and study the night before (kind of, whilst drinking wine, watching Emmerdale Farm because Kimberly refuses to miss it!)

We learned today that the first Boeing 747 flight was in 1969, about two weeks before my second birthday! An American engineer by the name of Joe Sutter was the manager of the design team for the Boeing 747 and is commonly referred to as “the Father of the 747.”

Onboard, we familiarized ourselves with the layout of the aircraft and the different cabins (First, Club and Economy.) I especially loved the spiral staircase! The Upper Deck area is very private and I think of all the places to work on the aircraft, it must be the best. However, I have no doubt that particular working position is highly sought after, so as junior crew who knows when I’ll get a chance to work upstairs.

After class, Kimberly and I went with Sam to see Xavier’s gorgeous new flat in Twickenham. Being in the flat made me think that I should maybe consider buying property here, rather than in France. Having said that, I still love the look of the country houses in France with land and easy parking! The parking around Xavier’s flat was very limited and the road was congested, but I still liked it. Xavier is one of the cutest guys I’ve ever met and I love his French accent.

Rang home tonight to let mum know how the course is going (and to see if David or anyone else had called in my absence.) Mum said Frankie rang early this morning, so I rang her back.

“Darling, how are you?”

“Really well, thanks,” I said. “I’m ringing from a friend’s flat so I shan’t stay on too long.”

“Yes, I know. Your mum told me where you were but I didn’t have the number and forgot to ask for it.”

“How long did she keep you on the phone?” I asked.

“Oh gosh, I don’t know. Nor do I care. We laughed the whole time. I can’t wait to meet her.”

“You will, soon enough.”

“I was ringing to see if you’d like to request a Christmas trip with me. On the Jumbo.”
“Oh,” I said. “I haven’t given much thought to Christmas but now that you mention it…”

“Well, you should because if you don’t request a trip, you’ll end up somewhere grim and Christmas will be deplorable.”

“Oh, ok.”

“So, let’s request a trip together.” She sounded excited. “Somewhere warm. And fun. For a few weeks.”

My mind wandered back to the sight and sound of Frankie, sprawled across Christopher’s couch in New York, snoring loudly, with her hair plastered across her face.

“Eh, let me think about it Frankie and I’ll get back to you.”


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