September 12th, 1989

September 12th, 1989

Shuttle from BDA – TPA – BDA

Considering the amount of rum I consumed last night, I felt extremely well today!

Met Kimberly and a few girls from our crew first thing and made our way to Macmillan’s for breakfast. Kimberly moved her pancakes from one side of the plate to the other and didn’t touch a morsel. I had eggs benedict, which I love and consequently devoured but I was still hungry and was sorely tempted to ask Kimberly if I could pinch a pancake but of course I didn’t. I guess there’s a reason why Kimberly weighs about two stone less than me!

The five of us strolled back to the hotel and I asked if anyone was interested in sitting by the pool. Nobody was, so I went to my room and grabbed the bag of books I’ve been lugging all over the place.

I sat in the shade by the pool and didn’t recognize any of the other crew (so easy to spot!) which was great because I got to witness how we, as crew, might come across to others. Loud, confident and slightly obnoxious were just a few of my observations.

I soon got bored watching the antics of the different “types” of people parading and sunbathing so I stuck my nose in Hemingway’s, “A Farewell To Arms,” and almost cried over Catherine Barkley’s tragic demise. What a great, but sad, book.

Later today, we operated the Tampa shuttle, which was easy and actually quite enjoyable. Unfortunately I forgot my Filofax so I didn’t get a chance to ring Miriam or Liza.

It was late when we got back so nobody wanted to go out, which was fine by me. I wasted no time changing, got into bed and wrote a mega long letter to David, that I’ll pop in with his birthday card. I wonder where he’ll be on his birthday.

I just started a new book by Margaret Atwood called, “Cat’s Eye,” which I’m already enjoying so much that I might actually stay up until I finish it.

Regardless of whether I stay up or not, I can hear my liver thanking me for staying in!


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