September 13th, 1989

September 13th, 1989

Princess Hotel, Hamilton, Bermuda

Kimberly and I met earlier this morning than I would have liked (due to the fact I stayed up until four am, reading “Cat’s Eye,” which was a great book.) We took the ferry over to the Southampton Princess and on the beach, we each recognized several crew we’ve previously flown with. Kimberly said she wasn’t in a “people mood,” and promptly took to the water, on a float. I managed to catch up with a few familiar faces, which was really nice.

Back at the hotel, I got the best surprise when David rang from home (I’m so glad I slipped the name of this hotel into our conversation last week!) We were on the phone for about two hours, which felt more like twenty minutes.

“You really need to get out here,” he said, more than once.

Like I need any encouragement!

“I’m looking at the ocean,” he said, “and the weather’s perfect.”

“Isn’t the weather always perfect in LA?”

“Yeah, pretty much,” he laughed. “So when you coming out?”

“I don’t get staff travel concessions until I’ve been with the company for a year.”

“Which is when? The end of January?” he asked.


“That’s too long,” he said, which made me smile.

“Unless, of course, I get a trip to LA, which, now that I’m licensed to fly on the Glamour Jet, is highly possible.”

He laughed. “Let me write down where you’re going next.”

“I’m only rostered for the next three weeks, but hopefully when I get home, my new roster will be in the post, so I’ll ring and let you know what’s on it.”

I heard him flicking through the pages of what I assumed to be his Filofax. “Darn,” he said.


“I’ll be on my way to Tokyo when you get home.”

“Ehm, I think they have phones in Tokyo,” I said, trying not to laugh.

“I was thinking more of the time difference. Which is?” he asked.

“Eight hours ahead of London, so…”

“So, sixteen hours ahead of here. Oh man, that’ll suck.”

“It’s a shame you went home first, instead of flying straight to Tokyo from London.”

“Ya know, I didn’t even think about doing it that way. That’s what I should’ve done.”

I paused for a second. “It would have been lovely to go to London with you again.”

The little sound of pleasure he made, told me he got what I was saying. “I agree. And just so you know, I can’t wait to go to London with you again.”

I felt myself grinning.

“But,” he continued, “who knows where and when that’ll be.”

I invited Kimberly and a lovely girl on our crew called Ainsley, to my room for drinks before we go out. They’ll be here in twenty minutes so I’m going to set up a mini bar! I can’t wait to tell them about my chat with David.


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