September 14th, 1989

September 14th, 1989

Night flight from BDA – LGW
Two hours crew rest tonight, which, for a seven-hour flight, is excellent. Crew rest here on the TriStar is basically a row of seats with a curtain for privacy but sometimes passengers poke their head in, asking for something. I have much to write so hopefully I won’t be disturbed. It’s been a great trip but I’m looking forward to going home.

Interesting night with Kimberly and Ainsley last night when they came to my room for “a quick drink, before we go out.” That one drink turned into, well I’m not sure how many but they all went down a treat! We sat on the balcony initially then as the dark ‘n’ stormies began to take effect, we got louder and thought it best to move inside.

With our drinks topped up, I made myself comfortable on the floor. “Guess who rang?” I asked, attempting to keep my face as expression free as possible.

“David,” Kimberly answered, with a yawn.

“How did you know?” I asked.

“You just spent the weekend with him. I knew he’d track you down.”

“Don’t you like him, Kimberly?” asked Ainsley.

“I think he’s lovely but he lives in LA,” Kimberly shrugged.

“That’s only a ten hour flight and sooooo worth it,” Ainsley gushed. “I’ve already been there three times since I started flying six months ago.”

“Lucky you,” I said. “I can’t wait to go.”

“You’ll love it.”

“Listen to you two,” Kimberly interjected. “Ten hours is ridiculous. Jon lives, what? Two hours from you? By car.”

“Oh Kimberly,” I sighed, not wishing to get into a battle with her.

Ainsley raised her hand. “Hang on a minute. Who’s Jon?”

“He’s Karen’s ex-boyfriend but…”

“Ainsley!” I exclaimed, interrupting Kimberly.

“Oh! What?” Ainsley said, jumping.

“Sorry,” I laughed. “I didn’t mean to scare you there. Are you seeing anyone?”

She smiled demurely. “I am, actually.”

I gestured for more. “Spill the beans.”

“Is he crew?” Kimberly asked.

“He is, actually.”

“Cabin or flight deck?” I asked.

“Flight deck. He’s a Captain.”

“Ooohhh,” Kimberly cooed. “Long or short haul?”

“Long. That’s how we met.”

“You met on a trip?” I asked.

“Yeah, about six months ago.”

I felt my head tilt to one side. “Didn’t you say you started flying six months ago?”

“Yup,” she giggled. “We met on my second trip.”

“That was fast,” said Kimberly. “What’s he like?”

“He’s absolutely wonderful.” She put her hand on her heart. “We’re madly in love.”

“Tell us more,” said Kimberly.

“He’s the nicest chap I’ve ever known, a perfect gent,” Ainsley said, with a giggle. “And definitely the oldest person I’ve ever gone out with. He has three kids, the oldest is our age but he’s a boy.”

“You’re not kidding when you say much older,” Kimberly blurted. Ainsley gave her “a look,” which Kimberly clearly chose to ignore. “So, I take it he’s single?”

“No,” Ainsley said, stirring her drink with her finger. “He’s married.”

In unison, Kimberly and I yelled, “Married?”
Ainsley didn’t miss a beat. “Yes, but he’s going to leave her.”

Without planning to, I took a deep breath. “He told you that?”

Ainsley nodded her head enthusiastically and drained the last of her drink. “As soon as he leaves her we’re moving in together. I already have my eye on a property in Sussex.”

“Su sicks,” Kimberly said in a not so hushed tone.

For the next minute or so, none of us said a word, which quickly became awkward. Ainsley was the first to speak. “What?” she asked, looking at Kimberly. “You don’t think he’ll leave her?”

Without missing a beat, Kimberly said, “Probably not.”

I took another deep breath.

Ainsley looked at me. “What do you think?”

“I, I don’t know,” I sputtered. “You’re obviously serious about him.”

“You might get hurt,” Kimberly interjected.

“I won’t,” Ainsley declared. “We’re in love and at some point we’ll get married.”

My first impression of Ainsley, in the briefing room at the beginning of the trip and on the outbound sector, even on the shuttle to and from Tampa, was that she was a bit of a wallflower. Guess I was wrong! I don’t think her relationship with Captain Charlie (she wouldn’t divulge his last name) sounds too promising. Then again, love doesn’t always make sense. I can certainly vouch for that!


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