September 16th, 1989

September 16th, 1989
Carl’s parents’ house, Surrey

It’s almost three in the morning and Carl’s twenty-first birthday party just wound down. Fantastic night celebrating with Lorna, Kimberly, Daniel and Tina (now a couple!) Jenny and Barbara, the crazy Aussie. Some of Carl’s other friends were here too, really nice bunch.

While we were all dancing in the living room, Lorna grabbed my arm.
“Follow me into the kitchen, I’ve got something to tell you.”
The kitchen door creaked and Lorna looked around to make sure we were alone.
“I’ve met someone,” she whispered.
I was confused. “You mean Alistair?” Alistair, her long-time boyfriend, who flew down from Scotland to spend the weekend with her.
“No, no, no. Somebody else.”
“Who?” I asked just as the kitchen door creaked open. It was Kimberly. She crept over to the sink, where we were standing.
“Are you telling Karen about him?” she whispered.
Lorna nodded her head yes. In barely a hush, she said, “He’s a pilot with KLM.”
I leaned in closer to her. “Wow, where’d you meet him?”
“In Nairobi. On a trip.” Her eyes darted around the kitchen. “He’s brilliant, you’ll love him.”
“I can’t wait to meet him,” Kimberly said, forgetting to whisper.
Lorna held her finger up to her lips. “Ssshhhh.”
Kimberly mouthed, “Sorry.”
The kitchen door creaked again. When Lorna saw it was Alistair, she winked at Kimberly and I. “Well I’m glad we were able to make it but it’s a shame not everyone from our training course could, then again…” She looked at Alistair. “Hiya honey, you enjoying yourself?”
“Oh aye, brilliant night,” Alistair said, smiling. “I’m just getting another beer. Wit’s happening in here?” he asked.
“Just a bit of galley gossip,” I smiled.
“Oof, I can only imagine,” he laughed.
“Be out in a minute, honey,” Lorna cooed.
When Alistair was out of earshot, I whispered, “You’re a bad girl.”
Lorna clinked her glass to mine. “Takes one to know one,” she giggled. “I’ll fill you in later.”

Later tonight, while we were all dancing in the living room, Kimberly and Carl’s older brother were getting very cozy on the couch together. Every few mintues, Lorna would whisper a lewd remark in my ear, which had me in stitches.

When “Ride on Time,” played, Carl and I went wild and danced like there’s no tomorrow.
“Do you know what?” he asked.
“We’ve danced to this song a lot together,” I laughed.
“Yeah, we have actually but that’s not what I was going to say.”
“What then?”
“You’re like a sister to me.”
I laughed.
“Why is that funny?”
“It means you don’t fancy me, which is great, because I don’t fancy you either. Happy Birthday bruv!”

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