September 21st, 1989

September 21st, 1989

Night flight from AUH – KUL

Crew rest, finally! Time to rest my twinkle toes, overdose on Earl Grey and see how many chocolate biscuits I can devour in one sitting.

Very leisurely day at the beach club with Frankie, who is now travelling in the opposite direction, to London, while we head to Malaysia. This flight took off three hours late, which put all the passengers in a bad mood. Sadly, none of them seem to have recovered and they’ve all been pretty vile so far.

While we were taxiing out to the runway in Abu Dhabi, the First Class toilets and sinks began to fill with, what Mr. Fenwick later attempted to say with a not so straight face, “expensive excrement.”

The foul stench emanated all the way from the front to the back of the aircraft, where

Mavis and I were strapped into the jump seats, in preparation for take off.

“What on earth is that awful smell?” she whispered.

Staring ahead at the sea of passengers facing us, I said, “It smells like shi…”

“Ladies and gentlemen, this is your Cabin Service Director. Some of you may have noticed a rather, uhm, unpleasant odour in the cabin. We will be returning to the gate momentarily, where the ground crew will work to remedy this, ah, situation, as quickly as possible.”

“I knew this would be a shitty trip,” Mavis whispered, with a huge smile.

All hell broke loose after the CSD’s announcement and the fetor got so bad that several passengers threw up, which is always just absolutely delightful.

Think I’ll use the hour I have left of crew rest to take a nap, to better prepare me for the remainder of this flight with the horrid passengers, or maybe I’ll just have more tea and biscuits.


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