October 4th, 1989

October 4th, 1989

At home

I’m enjoying being home so much. Flying is great, but that last trip had so many sectors, most of which experienced some kind of hiccup that ended up making the duty days really long. Not to mention the severe jet lag that has me waking up in the early hours.

Tea and toast with mum this morning, then we took Tini for a long walk to Bradwell village. It’s such a pretty time of year with the colours changing and a nip in the air, which I’ll take over humidity any day. Plus, I have new jeans and an emerald green jumper from Benetton I’ve been waiting to wear.

Spent the afternoon cleaning out all sorts in my bedroom and came across the Cocteau Twins, “Blue Bell Knoll,” cd, at the bottom of the bag I always take to New York. Last time I was there, Christopher gave me the cd, which I finally listened to and loved.

A postcard arrived in this morning’s post from David, in Tokyo, so sweet. And this afternoon a letter came from Ben, that I have yet to open because I wanted to ring David and didn’t want whatever was in Ben’s letter to knock me into a tizzy (which sadly is not an unusual occurrence.)

I waited until ten tonight before ringing David at work. Some nasally sounding girl picked up his office line and told me he was, “At a lunch meeting with a client.” She didn’t even ask if I’d like to leave a message, before hanging up on me!

I rang back half an hour later, prepared for whatever clogged nose girl had to say, but instead, David picked up right away. I waited while he reeled off his name and work title (very fancy schmancy.)

“Hello, it’s Karen.”

“Hey you, what’s up?”

“Not too much at the moment. How was your lunch meeting?”

“My lunch meeting?”

“Yes, the girl with the stuffy nose said you were at a lunch meeting, with a client.

He laughed. “I ran out to grab a burrito from the new place round the corner. Remind me to take you there, it’s an awesome little hole in the wall with the most authentic Mexican food. You’ll love it.”

“Actually,” I sighed, “that’s why I’m ringing.”

“You can’t make it?”
“No, I can’t. My trip got messed up and I lost the LA. I’m so sorry.”

“Oh man, me too. I had some cool stuff planned to show you.” He paused. “And I was really looking forward to seeing you.”

I felt myself smile. “I was looking forward to seeing you too but I’ll be on standby, so you never know, somebody might have the decency to ring in sick and allow me to take their place.”

“Hmmm,” he uttered, in a mischievous tone. “But we wouldn’t wish for somebody to get sick just so you can get here, now, would we?”

I laughed. “No, of course we wouldn’t. Perhaps just a slight case of say, bubonic plague, you know, nothing too serious.”


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