October 8th, 1989

October 8th, 1989

Flight from LHR – MIA

Hotel Inter-Continental, Miami, Florida

I made it! First flight working on the Boeing 747 is over and I loved it. Flight time was nine hours, twenty minutes so a bit of a long duty day but it really didn’t feel like it.

I was so nervous when I got to TriStar House this morning, an hour before check in! I was first in the briefing room so I wouldn’t have to experience that awkward feeling of walking into the room, with such a large number of crew. That, for sure, is one of the biggest differences I felt today, but beyond that, everything I learned in training came naturally and the aircraft was a dream to work on.

Surprisingly, I wasn’t the most junior crew member and was able to pick a work position, so I chose to work in Club. Ah, what a treat that was! So much nicer than being stuck “down the back.” Especially with the smokers, yuck. I wonder if smoking onboard will ever be banned? I doubt it.

The hotel room is sumptuous, with oversized windows facing Biscayne Bay, where there’s no shortage of boats passing by. I was able to stretch the phone cord far enough to actually sit on the windowsill while I spoke to Liza in Orlando. The big news is that Gabriel and Maria are getting married! I was a bit taken aback to hear that, given Maria’s antics when I was in Orlando at the start of this year. Love is, indeed, strange! I hope Gabriel will be happy, he’s such a lovely guy and I never think of him without smiling.

Shortly after we checked in, most of the crew met in the lobby and walked to the bar next door to the hotel. Being such a pleasant evening, we sat outside and the Club purser, Stefan, insisted I try a drink called, “sex on the beach.” Of course I blushed when I asked for it but after the first one went down, I had no problem ordering two more! Funny that!

Shelia, the CSD sounded rather posh in the briefing room and also onboard when she made various announcements on the PA. However, after a few drinks tonight, her cockney accent came out in full force and she was hysterically funny.

“I ‘ave a few words I’d like to say, if you don’t mind,” she said, standing up.

“Go on, girl,” Dave, the First Class purser shouted, in his broad cockney accent.

“I’m slightly scotch mist,” she slurred, “but I just want to say sumfin to Karen.”

I felt my cheeks redden (again!) when everyone looked in my direction.

“I’d like to speak on bee half of the crew and welcome you to the Jumbo fleet. I fink you’ll find we’re the best!”

There were several rumblings, mostly in agreement.

“Oh and one more fing,” she said, swaying slightly from side to side. “The tiddly winks are all on me tonight!”

Needless to say, her generous offer got a rousing response.

Back in my room and local time is almost midnight, which is really five in the morning.


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