October 11th, 1989

October 11th, 1989

At home

I think it’s time I started looking for a new car. Why? Because halfway home tonight, after dropping mum off at her church meeting, my car began to lose power and eventually came to a sputtering halt.

I was on a quiet stretch of road when it happened but it was dark and pretty scary sitting on the side of the road, hoping it would start up again, which, fortunately, it did. It drove fine all the way home but the fright was enough to make me want to start looking for something more reliable.

The second I put my key in the door, Tini started barking, but he stopped once I was inside. “Hi teeny Tini,” I said, patting him as he wagged his tail. “Do you want a treat?”

“Is that you, Karen?” Dad called out, from the living room.

“Yeah, it’s me, dad,” I said, hanging up my coat on one of the brass hooks, under the stairs. I thought about mentioning what happened with the car but I knew it would only worry him so I decided not to.

“What are you watching?” I asked, going into the living room. “Oh, is that Michael Douglas?”

“Aye. Is he the one mum likes?”

I laughed, “Yeah, mum might have mentioned on more than one occasion how handsome she thinks he is.”

“Danny DeVito’s in it as well.”

“He’s definitely not mum’s cup of tea but I think he’s very funny.”

“He is and he’s a right wee character in this.”

“Who else is in it?”

“Kathleen Turner.”

“Oh, I like her. She has a great voice. Do you want a cup of tea?”

“Aye, please, if you don’t mind.”

“Not at all, sir,” I laughed. “I’ll make the tea, then I’ll watch it with you.”

“Thanks, hen,” he smiled.

You’re welcome, dad.


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