October 17th, 1989

October 17th, 1989

Night flight from LOS – LGW

One would think that after one has trouble zipping up one’s uniform skirt, in a hotel room in Nigeria, that maybe, just maybe, four hours later, one might refrain from eating the biscuits one eyeballed in the First Class galley, while one accompanied a young boy and his Father on a visit to the Flight Deck!

However, here I am, on crew rest, at the back of the TriStar, separated from the passengers by only a curtain. Judging by the crumbs that remain on the plate on the tray table, it would appear that one has not yet learned how to curb one’s craving for such!

Saw absolutely nothing of Lagos! Cabin crew are advised to use extreme caution there and it’s not recommended anyone leave the hotel alone. Besides, there was nothing close to where we stay, so I spent the entire day in my room! Read, wrote, ordered room service (more than once) and couldn’t help but think about mum and how she’ll be when I get home.

And Ben. I don’t even know where to start with those thoughts. As I write this from 35,000 feet, somewhere over Africa, I find it hard to believe that he’s already back in the UK. It’s been four months since we said more than a tearful (mine, not his) goodbye in Spain. To say I’m excited and scared about seeing him again, is a major understatement.

I wish I could just close my eyes and have him standing in front of me when I open them.


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