November 5th, 1989

November 5th, 1989

Flight from LHR – CDG – LHR

Excelsior Hotel, Heathrow

Five minutes into the start of standby, I got called out but fortunately crewing gave me ample notice for the 1620 report time.

I made breakfast for dad and I, over which, we chatted about all sorts, before I brought up the topic of, “Mum.”

“Dad, do you think mum will be like this for much longer?”

He sighed. “I don’t know, hen, but try not to worry too much.”

“That’s easier said than done, I just feel like mum’s worse than usual and I hate to see her in such a bad way.”

“As do I. Listen, if mum doesn’t show any sign of improvement in the next week or so, I’ll eh, see what I can do.”

“Another week?”

“Aye,” he stated. “Another week.”

I could tell from the tone of his voice he was done talking about mum and I didn’t’ want to upset him, so I promptly changed the subject.

When I was cleaning up the kitchen, I found a pile of post stuffed in the corner of the breakfast bar. “Oh, mum,” I uttered, as I flicked through what appeared to be mostly junk, all except for the envelope with the BA emblem.

I quickly tore it open and scanned my upcoming trips.

“Oh my God!” I exclaimed when I spotted LHR -NRT. I instinctively looked at the clock, made a quick mental calculation and concluded that it was far too early. I looked at my roster again then I scribbled a quick letter that I popped in the post box when I took Tini out.

I hope when David reads it, he’ll feel as excited as I am, when he finds out we’ll be in Japan at the same time.


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