November 6th, 1989

November 6th, 1989

Flight from LHR – CDG – LHR

Excelsior Hotel, Heathrow

One of the best parts of doing a Paris block is getting to stay at the hotel. Obviously we can come and go as we please and it’s not mandatory to stay but for me it makes sense to, rather than driving back and forth every day.

The actress, Dianne Wiest was on today’s outbound sector, as were the group, De La Soul (I’ve had “Three Is The Magic Number,” in my head ever since.) Dianne Wiest was absolutely lovely and I could’ve chatted to her all day. When I told her mum and I have watched “Hannah And Her Sisters,” at least a dozen times, she squeezed my hand and said, “Thank you, sweet girl,” in that wonderful voice of hers. There’s something about her that draws you in, I can totally see why she’s such a successful actress.

“You know,” she continued, “Playing Holly was very special to me.”

“I loved her character,” I said. “My mum always cries during her final scene.”

She laughed. “Then I guess I did a good job.”

“Hence, the Oscar,” I said, with my widest smile.


Got back to the hotel around seven tonight and when I walked into the lobby, I recognized another distinctive voice I’ve come to love.

“No, no, you mustn’t put me in that dreadful, dreary room. There simply must be something better.”

The girl behind the reception desk blushed deeply and distracted herself by shuffling papers around in front of her.

“Annabel!” I exclaimed, coming up behind her.

“By Jove, Miss McGarr,” she said, spinning around. “You just gave me the fright of my bloody life!”

“Sorry,” I laughed, returning her hug. “Sounds like you’re causing trouble here.”

“Not at all,” she said, pointing her nose in the air. “What are you doing here?”

“Day two of Paris dailies. How about you?”

“Same actually but I came up early to avoid the ghastly morning rush hour.”

“Do you have any plans?”

“I do now,” she giggled.


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