November 7th, 1989

November 7th, 1989

Flight from LHR – CDG – LHR

Excelsior Hotel, Heathrow

Daniel just went to his room, Lorna disappeared hours ago and Jill is in my bed, but as usual, I’m getting ahead of myself!

Last night’s chance meeting with Annabel ended about four this morning, after which, I stumbled upstairs to my room and zonked out, ‘til call came at two this afternoon! It was another easy duty day to Paris and back but not nearly as interesting as yesterday’s flight

I couldn’t wait to get back to the hotel so I could get into bed and read until I fell asleep (what a wild one I am!) However, that all changed when I walked into the lobby.

“Och, look what the cat dragged in,” Lorna said as soon as she spotted me.

I laughed. “Thanks Lorna, that’s just what I need at the moment. Hiya Daniel,” I said, kissing him on the cheek.

“Remind me no to go to Paris if that’s what it does to you,” Lorna teased as she hugged me.

“How do you know where I was? And what are you two doing here?”

“We met your posh pal, Annabel, this morning,” Daniel explained.

“Oh, so you’re all on the same crew?”

“Aye,” Lorna said. “That Annabel’s a bloody scream, I thought she was putting that accent on but apparently not.”

“It’s real,” I laughed. “She really is that posh.”

I saw Lorna look over my shoulder and smile then I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned, half expecting to see Annabel.

“Jill, wow, what a surprise.”

“Hello you lot,” she said. “Let me guess. Paris?”

“You guessed it,” Lorna said. “This is turning into a mini training course reunion. Are you on standby?”

“No,” Jill said. “I start the Paris dailies first thing tomorrow.”

“Fantastic,” Daniel chipped in, “So, we can all go to the pub.”

I yawned.

“None of that,” Lorna said, pointing her finger in my direction.

“Right then,” Daniel said, rubbing his hands together. “Obviously you need to change Karen, how long do you need?”

“About ten minutes.”

“Hurry up,” Lorna shouted. “We don’t have all night.”


That was seven hours ago.


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