November 12th, 1989

November 12th, 1989
Excelsior Hotel, Heathrow

While I was getting ready to leave this morning, mum was still in bed. Dad was in the kitchen reading the Sunday newspapers but when he came upstairs with tea and toast for mum and saw my suitcase sitting at the top of the stairs, he said, “Just leave that there hen and I’ll put it in the car for you.”

A short while later, when dad waved me off, all I could think was, “What sort of day is he going to have?” I allowed my tears to flow for a short time before telling myself, “Enough.” Then I turned on the radio and allowed my mind to drift to the lovely chat I had yesterday with David. To say I’m excited about meeting him in Japan in a couple of weeks is a major understatement.

Being Sunday, it didn’t take long to get to the hotel. Made my way to Lorna’s room where, for the next few hours she filled me in on her recent few days with Mr. KLM, at his house in Holland. From the sounds of it, they are madly in love and destined to be together. So exciting!

Daniel arrived later this afternoon and we walked round the corner to the pub.
“Thanks for letting me stay in your room tonight, Lorna,” he said.
“You know missy here is staying as well, right?”
Daniel nodded yes. “So, you’ll be on the couch, Daniel.”
‘That’s fine,” he laughed. “Anything is better than trying to get to the airport first thing on a Monday morning for an early check-in.”
“Where are you off to tomorrow?” I asked.
“JFK. How about you?”
“Four day Muscat. First time.”
“That’s a nice wee trip,” Lorna said. “The crew hotel is right on the beach.”
“Great,” I said. “A few quiet days on the beach is just what I need right now.”
“And the allowances are good,” Daniel said. “But, you’ll probably spend most of them in the hotel, not too many choices for eating, outside of it.”
“Speaking of good paying trips,” Lorna said, “I just got rostered a four day Narita.”
“Nice one,” Daniel said. “I think the Narita and Hong Kong trips are the best paying trips, major box payments on each because of the length of the flights.”
“You’re going to Narita?” I asked.
“Aye, auntie Lorna will be rolling in it when she gets back.”
“When are you going?”
“Not sure, I have the Paris dailies this week, then I have a five day Harare, so it’s about two weeks from now.”
“I have a Narita later this month,” I said.
“Wait a wee minute,” she said. “The roster’s in this bag, somewhere.” She rummaged around for a few seconds. “Ah, here it is,” she said, unfolding the sheet of paper. I gave her a questioning look.
“November the twenty-sixth.”
“No way,” I said.

I wonder what she’ll think of David.


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