November 14th, 1989

November 14th, 1989

Hotel Inter Continental, Muscat, Oman

Went to the lobby just before nine this morning to meet the rest of my crew for breakfast. Waited for about half an hour but nobody showed up, which is really unusual. Headed down to the beach, but it was mostly deserted so I came back to my room and ordered room service.

Thought about ringing some of the girls on my crew to see if anyone wanted to meet up but then I started reading The Joy Luck Club, by Amy Tan, which I finished tonight. What an amazing book, I absolutely loved it and so glad I brought it with me. It’s definitely one of those stories with characters I can imagine on the big screen.

Ordered more room service, started writing and it’s now three in the morning! I never know what will come out when the ink starts flowing.

Tonight’s pages are mostly about love (isn’t everything?) I’ve been questioning if I’ll ever fall in love again. Sometimes I think I might be someone who found love at an early age, then lost it. I’ve read so much about people who still carry a torch for their first love, even decades after the relationship ended.

I don’t want to be regretful of anything in my life so I need to make sure that scenario doesn’t happen.


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