November 15th, 1989

November 15th, 1989

Flight from MCT – RUH – LHR

This trip has been, by far, the most unsociable one to date. I didn’t see another soul from our crew until pick up. On the crew bus, there was no mention of what anyone had been doing. Seems we were all being hermits and as much as I wouldn’t want that to be the norm on every trip, I have to say, it was pretty nice lounging around my luxurious, opulent hotel room reading and ordering room service (especially the chocolate mousse!)

Thanks to my purser Sonya’s mood swings, I’m on crew rest for two hours. She was full of beans at pick up and insisted on sitting beside me on the crew bus, where she chatted animatedly about her cats and how much she’s looking forward to getting home to them.

On the outbound sector, Sonya worked us really hard and made us miserable with her appalling attitude. Tonight, a stop in Riyadh to pick up passengers didn’t faze her in the least. I would definitely put Sonya in the “Double M,” category of women I don’t particularly enjoy working with. Having said that, I’ve also worked with numerous women her age that are absolutely lovely so I guess it’s more of a personality issue than a hormonal one.

Note to self; Beware of turning into a Menopausal Matron once you reach forty!



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