November 19th, 1989

November 19th, 1989

Chicago, Illinois

First time in the Windy City and I like it! The buildings are huge and with all the American flags flying everywhere, there’s no mistaking where we are.

Flight time was just under nine hours, most of which was spent on my feet, so when I got to my room I was sorely tempted to stay in but that changed after I took a shower. The hotels we stay in on stateside trips always have the most fantastic showers but this one is especially nice.

Met up with most of our crew in the lobby and more than half of them went to the hotel bar and the rest of us headed out. The second the wind hit my face, I actually gasped. My instinct was to run back inside but I really wanted to see the city at night.

I worked down the back today with a lovely guy called Christian who is quite possibly one of the best looking guys ever! He dated a guy from here for two years so he was the perfect tour guide. Well, when I say tour guide, I actually mean he knew all the best bars!

To stress the point of how good looking Christian is, he was approached tonight by not one, but three different people, asking which modeling agency he’s signed with! I got the impression from the way he handled himself that this is a regular occurrence. Imagine!

I rang home from TriStar House this morning in the hopes of finding out how and where mum is but dad didn’t pick up. I want to call now but it’s four in the morning at home so I’ll have to wait until tomorrow. I really hope mum is ok.

I did, however, ring David and found myself smiling when I heard his voice. Even though it was only on his answering machine.


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