November 20th, 1989

November 20th, 1989

Night flight from ORD – LHR

For the past four and a half hours, I’ve been absolutely dying, waiting for this crew rest so I can write about what happened earlier. However, I’m going to start at the very beginning (apparently a very good place to start!) Argh, now I can’t get Julie Andrews out of my head. Seriously, I need to calm down and get on with this. So, in that vein, here’s the day so far…

Woke up three hours before we’d arranged to meet for breakfast, so I used the hotel stationery to write a short story about a girl travelling round the world! Write what you know, isn’t that what they say?

It was still early so I left my room, in search of a housekeeping trolley! It was clear the woman in uniform I spoke to had no idea what I was on about so I pointed to the stack of paper on the trolley and mimicked writing.


“Yes,” I nodded.

“For you,” she said, passing a stack of paper to me.

“Thank you so much,” I said, gleefully. Oh, how I love the feel of paper in my hands! After writing two letters; one for David, the other for Nana, I stashed the rest of the lovely linen paper in my suitcase.

It was finally time to meet the others and we braved the elements as we made our way to a diner recommended by Christian. Breakfast, the likes of which can only be found in the States, was ample and delicious.

Spent the next couple of hours on a walking tour and marveled at Lake Michigan but not for too long because the wind chill was enough to freeze us on the spot. Back at the hotel I tried to sleep but it was not to be, so I turned on the tv but with annoying ads every few minutes, I soon lost interest.

Pick up was five pm and off we went, back to O’Hare. Because of the frigid temperature, we made a mad dash into the terminal. In my head, I could hear Denise’s voice from training days; “No running in uniform!”

We waited while the Captain spoke to the station manager to find out our gate number. I looked around the terminal and couldn’t believe my eyes when I spotted him. He was wearing a trench coat and at first I thought it was just my mind playing tricks (perhaps the cold had gone to my brain?!) but when I caught his eye, his face broke into a huge smile.

He quickly made his way in my direction and I tried to contain my excitement but I could feel myself beaming. When he was just a few steps from me, he said, “Hey you.”


I’m pretty sure we had matching grins!

“I guess it’s redundant for me to ask what you’re doing here.”

“Right back at you,” I laughed.

“This isn’t my terminal. I was on my way to the lounge.”

“Are you in transit?”

“No,” he said furiously shaking his head. “I’ve been here for two days, I’m heading home.”

“I wish I’d known you were here,” I said, wistfully.

“I sent you a letter, I guess you didn’t get it?”

“Unfortunately no, I didn’t.”

“Oh man,” he sighed.

At that point, I desperately wanted to:

  1. Kiss him (No Public Displays Of Affection Whilst In Uniform.)
  2. Go to LA with him (Cabin Crew Must Complete The Trip, or be sacked! Actually I just made that one up but the PDA one is real!)

Christian was standing next to me with a look of bewilderment so I introduced him to David. We chatted for a minute then Christian nodded his head towards our crew.

“Looks like we’re on the move.”

“Sorry David, I have to get going.”

“Nice to meet you, David,” Christian said, shaking David’s hand. “See you in a minute, Karen.”

David opened his arms to me. “You just made my year,” he whispered when I returned his hug with a squeeze. “And you look awesome in your uniform.”

I felt my cheeks flush. “Thanks,” I stuttered, with no desire to leave.

He squeezed my hand. “Have a good flight home.”

“You too.”

See you next week in Japan.”


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