November 23rd, 1989

November 23rd, 1989

At home

I have about ten minutes before I’m due at Florence’s. Let’s see…what happened today? Oh yeah, I bought a car!!!

Took Tini for a long walk this morning and even though it was bitter cold, I enjoyed every step of the walk and the way it allowed me time to think. I don’t think too much thinking time is necessarily a good thing but I believe being alone and able to work stuff out in your head, is a luxury. One I really enjoy. And need!

After the walk, I checked on mum but she was sound asleep. I scribbled a quick note to let her know I wouldn’t be gone for long and I left a cup of tea and some biscuits on the bedside table.

I’ve been thinking about buying a new car for a while and I know about the Volkswagen dealership in Bletchley because not only did I drive past it recently but they have tons of radio ads as well as tempting pictures of their inventory in the local papers

I strongly dislike anything related to cars but whilst walking, I came to the conclusion that if I didn’t do something, then I’d have to deal with the consequences of possibly being stranded on the motorway in my old banger, after it sputters its last breath. Of course, I’m sure those thoughts only helped me to justify the purchase of something new!

The man at the dealership was really helpful and it didn’t take long for him to convince me that I needed a gleaming new, red VW Golf! He said I could pick it up in “a few days,” but that’s when I head to Japan, so I made arrangements to collect it after the trip.

I felt excited driving home and was looking forward to sharing my news but when I came in, mum was still asleep and dad was still at work. I plopped myself in the phone chair and a minute later I found myself dialing Jon’s number.

“McGarr! I would’ve gone with you.”

“There was no need. I got a good deal.”

“Are you sure?” he asked.

“Yes of course I’m sure.”

“What did you end up paying?”

“Eh, well, ah, shit, I don’t know the exact figure.”

“You crack me up, McGarr. I guess the important question is, do you love it?”


“Then that’s all that matters.”

“I agree. Thank you.”

“Listen, what are you up to later? I don’t mind driving up if you fancy going out.”

“Sorry, I can’t. I’m going to a friend’s house.”

Jon’s, “oh, ok,” tone sounded despondent and I felt the need to explain.

“She’s someone I met, many moons ago, when I worked in a boring office.”

“McGarr,” he laughed. “You’re far too young for such expressions.”


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