December 3rd, 1989

December 3rd, 1989

At home

After such an amazing few days with Ben, I felt sad dropping him off at his house late last night but I was at due at the train station, so there was no time to dwell on feeling sad, which was probably a good thing.

I spotted dad in the second carriage and he smiled and gave a slight nod of his head, but didn’t wave. I couldn’t see mum but I smiled at the thought of her waving wildly anytime she’s come to meet me off the train.

“Where’s mum?”

“She wanted to stay in Glasgow a wee bit longer.”


“Hopefully she’ll be home in a few days.”

“Is she staying with Mary?”

“Aye,” he sighed.

“I suppose under the circumstances it’s understandable that mum wants to be with her siblings, but…”

Dad shook his head. “Don’t worry, I’ll phone every day and make sure she’s ok.”

I set my alarm for eight this morning and was up even before dad (most unusual.) I was so excited about picking up my new car, which has been sitting waiting for a while now. It was dad’s first time seeing it and I laughed when he said, “It’s a wee cracker.”

For the first few minutes driving I felt nervous but soon got the hang of it. Came straight home and spent most of the day doing all the stuff I didn’t do while Ben was here!

“D’ye fancy going for a wee run?” dad asked, tonight. “Get you used to driving your new motor.”

“Yeah, why not. Where do you think we should go?”

“Is Stony Stratford too far for you?”
“Not at all, but why Stony?”

“I thought we could get some Chinese take-away at that wee place you and mum like.”

“Brilliant. Let’s go.”

Dad was in one of his chatty moods, so while I concentrated on driving he spoke about all sorts. It’s pretty obvious dad is glad to be home, seems mum’s family has the same effect on him as they do on me.

Dad’s talkative mood continued for the rest of the evening and he spoke mostly about Nana and how it was when he first met her. How she initially didn’t accept dad and how things changed as the years passed and they became close.

There was nothing dad said tonight that I haven’t already heard, but I sensed he just needed to talk about Nana and remember her.


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