December 10th, 1989

December 10th, 1989
Flight from LHR – JFK
Lexington Hotel, New York

New York is, by far, my favourite city. Just seeing the skyline makes me feel giddy!

I could easily live here and commute! Maybe living here would be a better choice than buying something in the North of France. That’s the problem with me (one of them!) I love the city and the countryside and in a perfect world I’d have both!

My favourite passenger today was Jerry Hall! She was on my side of the Club Cabin with her matronly looking nanny who clearly dotes on the two little ones; James and Lizzy. Both children were very well behaved and enjoyed coming into the galley for all kinds of treats, they were very sweet and no strangers to the world of flying.

Ms. Hall’s mane is just amazing and she constantly tossed it from one side to the other, fortunately she was sitting on the aisle with a vacant seat next to her! When I told her I loved her accent she drawled, “Honey, yours is so much better.” She ate nothing, not a morsel, which may explain her striking, slender frame.

Went out on the town tonight with a super nice girl from my crew, Lydia. She went out with a guy from here for almost two years so it was interesting talking to her about their long distance relationship
“What was the best thing about it?” I asked.
“The sex,” she smirked, surprising me because as Nana used to say, “she looks like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth.”
I laughed. “That’s not what I meant.”
“The best part was the excitement of exploring each other’s worlds, you know? He loved England as much as I love it here and it was great sharing that with each other.”
“And the worst?”
“Getting home from a trip and not having the person you want to talk to the most, waiting for you.”


Needless to say, Lydia knows her was around the city rather well so on her recommendation, we took a cab to Greenwich Village and overindulged at Rauol’s. Afterwards, feeling utterly stuffed, we walked as much as we could before the bitter cold got too much.

We caught a cab back to the hotel and headed to the bar. Chatted nonstop and suddenly it was four am our time but only eleven here.
“Do you want another drink?” Lydia asked with a slight slur.
“I’m done, how about you?”
“I think I need to go to my room and make a phone call.”
“Let me guess, to your ex?” I asked.
She smiled. “He’s only five minutes from here.”
“Won’t you regret that tomorrow?”
“We shall see.”

I consumed enough wine tonight to entertain the possibility of ringing David but with Lydia’s words fresh in my head, I decided not to.

Plus, it’s bloody freezing here in my room, so I need to get under the covers.

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