December 18th, 1989

December 18th, 1989


I was so excited when we landed in Singapore (another new destination) at two this afternoon, eight hours ahead of London time and too late to consider a nap.

My room adjoins Frankie’s, which in itself should prove to be an experience! No sooner had we arrived when Frankie produced enough Christmas decorations to fill Santa’s Grotto and my very upmarket hotel room is now adorned in tinsel and plastic reindeer.

Gam, Frankie’s friend who lives here, arrived as planned and had a big look of surprise on his face when Frankie poured vodka (no idea where it came from!) into three tall glasses and proceeded to tell Gam to “drink up,” because we were tired and he had to go. He didn’t protest or take even a sip of his drink. We said our goodbye’s and as soon as he was gone I asked Frankie what she was up to.

“You’ll see,” she purred, looking more angelic than ever.

Out came the glitter, at which point I was happy to retreat to my room. Frankie managed to find a radio station playing Christmas music, which she blasted and danced in and out of my room in various stages of what she calls, “getting dolled up.”

There was such a huge queue at the taxi stand that we waited close to an hour for a taxi. I was ready to go back upstairs and crawl into bed but Frankie insisted we “Press on.”

“Where are we actually going?”

“To Sammy’s,” she replied, shivering slightly in her sleeveless dress.

During the twenty-minute taxi ride, Frankie filled me in on Sammy.

“So we’re going to his house?”

“Yes, finally you get it!”

“Is he expecting you?” I asked.

“Probably not.”

Sammy wasn’t home but his housekeeper let us in. Well when I say let us in, I mean she  held the door open while Frankie barged inside. At the time, Frankie’s arm was linked in mine so I followed her into the huge, open room with floor to ceiling windows.

Frankie made a beeline for the phone, rang Sammy and proceeded to shout into the phone for the next couple of minutes. Then she hung up, didn’t say a word and was helping herself to a drink when a man, I assumed was Sammy, appeared.

“Who are you?” she barked.

“Miss, my name is Paddy. I drive you to mister Sammy.”

“Oh goodie,” she said, downing her drink.
Off we went in the back seat of the gleaming Mercedes, complete with privacy screen. The road was narrow and winding and down we traveled towards the hub of the city. When we pulled up outside the Hilton Hotel, two men were waiting outside.

“That’s him,” Frankie said with a nod of her head while she applied her lipstick.

“Which one?”

“The tall one. The other one’s his bodyguard.”

“Why does he have a bodyguard?” I asked but she was already outside.

Sammy isn’t what I’d call attractive but he’s striking looking.  He’s about six five with jet black, slicked back (yuk) hair. He was wearing a huge gold watch and heavy gold chain, doused in cologne. I imagine he spends an absurd amount of time in the gym, where I expect the mirrors are some of his closest friends.

Judging by his reaction at seeing Frankie, he was ready, willing and able to devour her! Honestly, it was embarrassing. I immediately felt really out of it and during dinner I feigned interest in the conversation (aka drivel) but in reality, my mind kept wandering off in different directions.

After dinner, Paddy dropped the three of us at the Top Ten club, which is really naff but most of our crew were there, including Sarah, a girl I worked down the back with (this is only her second trip) and a fun guy called Matt.

Matt, Sarah and I were having a great time on the dance floor but Frankie said Sammy wanted to leave. I didn’t think she should be alone with him so I said I’d go with her.

Next stop was Caesars, where Frankie and Sammy worked their way through the cocktail menu and needless to say, by the time we left, they were both pretty gone.

“Nightcap, nightcap,” Frankie cooed.

“No nightcap, it’s time to go back to the hotel,” I stated.

“Paddy will take you,” Sammy said. “See you girls tomorrow.”

I think not.

We were only in the car for about fifteen minutes but during that time Frankie went from bad to worse. By the time we pulled up outside the hotel, she was hanging like a ragdoll. Paddy made no attempt to help her out of the car but fortunately the bellhop appeared.

At that point, Frankie couldn’t even stand and as small as she is, the bellhop was even smaller and couldn’t keep hold of her so he pushed her against me and said, “Please wait. I return.”

A few minutes later he reappeared. With a wheelchair.

And that’s what we used to take Frankie to her room!


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