December 20th, 1989

December 20th, 1989

Flight from SIN – AUH

Two reasons why I love champagne;

  1. It tastes delicious.
  2. It doesn’t give me a hangover (true love.)

With a clear head and hoarse voice, I met Matt and Sarah this morning and we went to several markets where I found some lovely, unusual little gifts but it was so humid I felt drained after only a short time. I was overjoyed when Sarah said she felt the same and suggested we head back to the hotel for afternoon tea.

In the hotel lobby, we rang Frankie to see if she wanted to join us but there was no reply so we made our way to the Compass Rose on the top floor of the hotel. Afternoon tea was terribly civilized with the most amazing views over Singapore and Matt made us chuckle with his “pinky etiquette.” Judging by how close he and Sarah sat together, I get the impression they’re becoming rather fond of each other!

Lots of jovial chat on the crew bus on our way to the airport. Frankie was the only quiet one, which is most unusual. I teased her about not seeing the light of day but she didn’t respond.

Take-off was delayed by two hours and passengers were already onboard so we were subjected to complaint after complaint, all until we served dinner on the ground which seemed to calm everyone down. All except for the vile woman in 32A, who literally hasn’t stopped moaning the entire flight. We have two hours to go and I’m surprised her finger hasn’t fallen off with the amount of times she already pressed the call bell.

Matt told us about his little brother’s obsession with something called the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, which I’ve never heard of. Apparently, they’re very popular this Christmas and just before I came on crew rest, Matt gave us masks that we had fun in the galley with.

Maybe I’ll don the mask again and scare the you know what out of the witch in 32A!


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