December 23rd, 1989

December 23rd, 1989

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I woke up at six thirty. This morning! Needless to say, we slept through the alarm last night and missed the crew party but all Frankie and I cared about this morning was food.

We ordered an array of breakfast items from room service and set it all up on the small balcony. Our conversation went from love to marriage, children, hopes, fears, death and sex. You know, nothing too heavy first thing in the morning! Frankie opened up about losing her Father years ago and some of the emotions she described are similar to those I’ve been feeling over the loss of Nana.

Spent most of the day traipsing all over the city to various markets. On our way back to the hotel, Frankie said she wanted to go see Santa at The Grotto so we caught a taxi and found Matt and Sarah there. We all had our picture taken with the man himself and enjoyed asking him for all sorts of goodies.

Tonight, over dinner, enjoyed by most of our crew, I looked around and felt like I’ve been with this crew for much longer than six days. We’re all very familiar with each other at this point, which is really nice, especially on a Christmas trip.

We finished the night in the Tin Mine, which, being a Saturday night, was chocka, with the best music. We even managed to get Captain Alan on the dance floor! He told us he’s been flying for almost thirty years! He has three grown up kids and said when they were young it was difficult being away, not only for Christmas but for birthdays and special family events he missed out on. It made me realize how lucky I am to always have my Mum and Dad around.

Sarah requested what has become our trip anthem and once again we screamed our way through, “I Hate Myself For Loving You.”

Which only made me think about Ben, even more.

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