December 26th, 1989

December 26th, 1989

Flight from KUL – BKK

Hotel Dusit Thani, Bangkok, Thailand

Woke up in Malaysia to some very good news! There was a message on the phone to say we were staying on the original trip, which meant operating the flight to Bangkok. Such a relief as none of us wanted the trip to be disrupted.

The news cheered Frankie and I right up and we invited Matt and Sarah to our room for some yummy breakfast. They laughed at our Christmas decorations and helped us take them down. When Frankie asked if they’re having a “romantic liaison,” they looked at each other and smiled. I think they make a nice couple but I imagine it’s a trip fling, at least for Sarah I think it is.

They teased me about coming home early last night and filled me in on the evening’s antics. Seems I missed a rather raucous night! I didn’t dare tell them I spent the evening furiously writing to my heart’s content!

Flight time was a meager ninety minutes and we’ve only been here for a few hours but when people say Bangkok is wild, they’re not kidding! The streets are crowded and the traffic is beyond horrendous. The pollution is so bad, many of the locals wear masks and after almost choking to death on fumes earlier, I can see why!

We didn’t venture too far tonight and ended the evening in the plush hotel bar, along with most of our crew.


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