December 27th, 1989

December 27th, 1989

Hotel Dusit Thani

Bangkok, Thailand

I suggested to Frankie that perhaps now we’re close to the end of the trip, we should stay in our own rooms. She looked crestfallen and said she’d “much rather not.” So, for the next few days we’ll be occupying my room.

On our way out this morning, we bumped into Richard from our crew. Richard strikes me as the type of guy that’ll live with his Mother for the rest of his life and one who will probably continue to fly until the day he’s forced to retire.

He asked if he could join us and we couldn’t really say no, so he accompanied us to the Grand Palace. The temple was exquisite and in the cool interior, I felt a sense of calm that I doubt can be found anywhere else in Bangkok.

Caught a tuk tuk to the river Chao Phraya and the driver was mental! He screamed at the other drivers as he sped past them and each time we rounded a corner, the three of us got much more familiar than I’d ever hope to! I got the impression the driver was doing it merely to scare us and if so, he certainly succeeded.

We took a cruise up the river and witnessed the most incredible sights, with people bathing and washing their clothes in the murky water. I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s truly fascinating to see how other people live and makes me realize how incredibly fortunate I am.

Richard recommended one more stop at his favourite floating market. Due to the intense heat, I was more than ready to call it a day but Frankie said she needed a few gifts and Richard seemed eager to show us around. The more lethargic I got, the chirpier Frankie became and I was about to say “let’s go,” when I spotted Carl’s brother (also cabin crew.)

The last time I saw Charlie was back in September at Carl’s twenty-first birthday. The day after the party, he left with Kimberly, squashed into his tiny two-seater. A vision I haven’t forgotten.

We hugged hello and I saw his eyes dart towards Frankie. I introduced them and could tell he was, let’s say, “keen.” The feeling between them appeared mutual and they flirted as if they’d known each other for a while.

While Frankie and Charlie were enjoying their lust fest, Richard started babbling on about his favourite restaurants around the world! His speech pattern became rapid and he looked extremely uncomfortable. That’s when my patience ran out and I told Frankie I was going back to the hotel. Richard practically jumped with glee and Frankie reluctantly agreed to tear herself away from Charlie.

I fully intended to take a nap before going out tonight but the minute I lay on the bed, Frankie began asking a slew of questions about Charlie.

“I don’t really know him that well.”

“But you’re friends with his brother.”

“Yes but that doesn’t mean I know the entire family!”

“Do you think he liked me?” she asked.

“I think if I gave him a spoon he’d have devoured you on the spot.”

Frankie chuckled, as only she can and suddenly I no longer felt tired.

Donned in a pink, sparkly dress, complete with clinking baubles (Frankie, not me!) we met up with a few of our crew and made our way to Pat Pong. Outside every bar, were scantily clad girls urging people to go inside. We’d arranged to meet the rest of our crew in the “Queen’s Place,” which is a dreadful name for an establishment where most of the employees are naked and the entertainment is a live sex show!

Feeling slightly stunned, not so much from the sex show as from the girls shooting ping pong balls out of their nether regions (!) we made our way to the Rome Club, which was filled with tourists and drag queens. The entertainment was outstanding and I found it hard to believe we were watching guys onstage and not the most stunning women ever.

Frankie said she was tired and wanted to go back to the hotel. I was loving the music but still offered to go with her. She insisted she was fine and I have to admit, I was secretly happy not to be leaving.

And off she went.


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