December 30th, 1989

December 30th, 1989

At home

I just got off the phone with David.

“How was your trip?”

“It was great but I’m really glad to be home.”

“No place like it,” he laughed. “I’m sure your folks are happy to see you.”

“My mum basically followed me all over the house today and any thoughts of sleeping went straight out the window.”

He laughed. “I guess she missed you.”

“This is mum’s first Christmas without my Nana here so it’s been really…”

“I know, sweetie. I’m sorry it’s that way.”

“Thank you. How are you?”

“Doing good, thanks. Heading home this afternoon.”

“Oh, where are you calling from?”

“My folks place, in San Diego.”

“That sounds nice.”

“Yeah, it’s been good but, hold on a sec. What’s that, mom?”

In the background, I heard a woman’s voice but couldn’t make out what she was saying. Mum passed me in the hall. “Who’s that?” she asked. I put my hand over the mouthpiece. “It’s David, he’s in San…”

“Karen? You still there?”

I waved my hand dismissively at mum. “I’m here. Is everything alright?”

“Yeah, yeah, it’s all good. My mom wanted to know who I’m calling but she disguised it by asking if I wanted food for the ride home.”

I started laughing. “Sounds like somebody I know.”

“Seems that way, huh?”

“Did you answer any of your mum’s questions?”

“You didn’t hear?” he asked.

“No, all I heard was mumbling.”

“I told her I’m talking to a Scottish girl who lives in England but just flew in from Bangkok.”

“Oh, I say! That’s quite an introduction. And are you getting some nosh for your drive home?”

“I don’t know, she looked kinda confused. If I ask for nosh it might knock her over the edge.”

We started laughing. “Hey, Karen, I gotta go but have a great new year’s.”

“You too, are you going out?”

“I guess but no plans yet. How about you?” he asked.


“It’s too bad you’re not here. LA puts on quite a show.”

“As does London.”

“Yeah, man, that’d be awesome. Maybe next year, huh?”

I hope so.


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